Nyongker ft. Bounty Crew – Love 4 HipHop (Official Video)

First official video Nyongker Belanda feat. Bounty Crew

Song: Love 4 HipHop
Producer: Ian Virion
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Konsep Data dan Database


Secara konseptual, Data adalah fakta tentang benda, kejadian, aktivitas, dan transaksi yang tidak mempunyai makna atau tidak berpengaruh secara langsung kepada pemakai.

Tipe Data

Data dapat berupa nilai yang terhormat, teks, citra, audio, dan video.

  • Data yang terhormat adalah data dengan suatu format tertentu. Misalnya, data yang menyatakan tanggal atau jam, atau menyatakan nilai mata uang.
  • Teks adalah sekumpulan huruf, angka, dan simbol-simbol khusus (misalnya + dan $) yang kombinasinya tidak tergantung pada masing-masing item secara individual.
  • Citra (Image) adalah data dalam bentuk gambar.
  • Audio adalah data dalam bentuk suara, dan
  • Video menyatakan data dalam bentuk sejumlah gambar yang bergerak dan bisa saja dilengkapi dengan suara. Continue reading

History of AC Milan

AC Milan Badge

AC Milan

The first headquarters were established at the ‘Fiaschetteria Toscana’ on Via Berchet in Milan, back in 1899. From that moment on the glorious history of Milan was born as the club went on to write its name in football’s record books to become, especially over the last 15 years, one of the most famous and successful teams in the world.

The Rossoneri history is studded with legendary names of men who have made a major contribution to the club’s development, be they presidents, coaches or players. The first president was a British expatriate, Alfred Edwards, who oversaw the club’s first title – a mere two years after its foundation. The president with the most victories is Silvio Berlusconi who has taken Milan to the pinnacle of the world game since taking control in 1986.

A great team needs a great coach and Milan have certainly had their fair share of the richest talent around. The likes of Gipo Viani, Nereo Rocco and Nils Liedholmwere the early masters and they were followed by Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello who took tactics and team strategy to a new level, which heralded much of what we can term as the modern approach to the game. Along the way, each and everyone of them also made sure their teams played spectacular football. Continue reading